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 Aesthetic composite, aesthetic filling

The Beggar of the aesthetic dental treatments- aesthetic composite



Aesthetic composite has a huge advantage against every aesthetic method that you have known about.

It is effective but according to veneer and zircon crowns it’s price is affordable what is more: cheap. Doesn’t look cheap though.








It looks beautiful and we do not have to remove that much from your teeth as we would do it at zircon or veneer application.

Well, let’s say it is not really suitable for smokers or people who drinks too much coffee and/or red wine.

The aesthetic composite is actually the same material that we would use for filling the tooth. The material though is similar to clay so the same way can be used for filling the gaps between your teeth. It can work as the wax for the potter to complete it’s piece.

Although you have to wash your aesthetic composite very carefully it still must be done at least twice every day.

Aesthetic composite is more sensitive to food or drinks with even natural food paint than zircon or your veneer made of porselen. Things such as cola, coffee or red wine not to mention nictine, can seriously demage your aesthetic composite or at least the colour of your teeth which was handeled really carefully by us.

Of course your aesthetic composite  will not only look well but also functionally will give to you good performance. The application is strong enough to use your teeth as if it were to be yours without breaking and chipping as long as you don’t use for opening a bottle or trying to break chicken bones with it. Also better not to chew your nails eighter.

Your aesthetic composite can be removed if it is neccessary and can be built again. We not really suggest that but it is nt impossibe. We try to lead our costumers to be cost effective and keep your teeth clean to help the composite to last.

Aesthetic composite is not only look nice but also cost effective and the wonderful result can be reached only in one single session. Great choice for everyone.


* Aesthetic composite

* Aesthetic filling


* Aesthetic dental treatment

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