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I live in Moscow. I found the clinic ISTANBUL ASIA DENT and when I came to have 2 implants. they meet me in the airport and transfered to the hotel. Yesterday they have done it, it only took 40 minutes and they have done 2 implants without any pain and any fear. I was so afraid of dentists so I was worried before treatment. I feel that they care about my wellbeing. The doctor and all the staff is experienced and very friendly. Tomorrow I will go back to Moscow, and after 3 months I will come back to have my crown tooths on implants and that's all. I definitely recommend ISTANBUL ASIA DENT and be sure that you will give me right.I honnestly saythat dr Gokay Kartal and all the staff are very experienced and very friendly. They are doing their job very professionaly. I already recommended him to my friends and to my family. Many thanks again to all ISTANBUL ASIA DENT and to doctor Gokay Kartal

Dr. Gökay Kartal

Doctor of Medicine

35 years experience, 20.000 clients, the company's founder, surgeon, dentist, Life-Coach,

Nothing is impossible says Dr. Gökay Kartal. He was born in 1959. and graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in the Marmara University. After the military service he returned to his profession. In the same year he continued his professional career, opening a private clinic. Since 2000 he works in laser dentistry, since 2005 - in implantology since 2008 - in aesthetic dentistry. In 2010. Dr. Gökay Kartal opened his Boutique Clinic, which later he named Istanbul Asia Dent. During the last 35 years he has treated more than 20,000 patients. His secret is individual approach to each person.


Istanbul Asia Dent has been working for many years with only certified professionals. Meet our professionals and look at their experience.

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Alev Duruk


Experience 7 years, Istanbul, Turkey
Assistant of Dr. Gökay Kartal (Istanbul)
Assistant Dr. Banu Karayazgan (Istanbul)
Assistant Professor, Dr. M. Hasim Gur (Istanbul)
Assistant Dr. Kerem ARAS (Istanbul)

Caring staff certification of dental assistant
Dental health and oral techniques
Implantology Assistant
Prosthetics Assistant
Aesthetic Dental Assistant
Assisting in dental surgery



Jale Kahmaran 

Doctor Of Medicine 


Orthodontics, dental hygienist, a pediatrician


Experience - over 23 years (Turkey, Germany)
2015 - The doctor at the clinic Istanbul Asia Dent
01.01.2014 clinic Dr. Hale Taşkaya; Istanbul, Turkey
07-12.2013 Dentist Frau Rachvalski, Cologne, Germany
01-07.2012 Philipp- Pfaff-Institut Berlin und GFBM eV Berlin, Germany
10-12.2011 Instag GmbH Leipzig, Germany
2010-2011 Orthodontist Dr. Susanne Moessner clinic in Cologne, Germany
Orthodontist, Dr. Seeger-Walter clinic, Hesse, Germany
1994-1992 Feneryolu clinic, Istanbul, Turkey

Olga Sytnikova


Experience - 2, 5 years, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
Assistant Doctor Gokay Kartal (Istanbul)

Sterilization and disinfection of medical institutions, asstistent
Basics of implantology
Assisting in prozirovanii
Assisting in the dental surgery assistant




Go to the  Istanbul Asia Dent dental clinic doctor Gökay Kartal, 

be sure that you have chosen one of the best dental clinics in Istanbul.

Carole E.


Years of accumulation and experience. Tailor-made work. The ambience of the environment directly affects you when you go. Thanks for everything.

Ahmet K. 



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