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Dear parents,

Please, start your children’s dental education early.

When your child is 4-5 years old take him/her to the dentist’s office to get to know the place. Teach your children to brush their teeth very thoroughly. It is a necessary habit, yet it doesn’t mean you do not have to take them to the dentist.

Doesn’t matter how well you worked on the education of brushing teeth he/she would not do it perfectly because of well-known reasons (children are humans too!).

The best way to avoid histeria later at the dentist is to take the child for a visit every 3-4 months. Let children to ask to touch everything and feel comfortable in the chair. You can be sure that the dentist will do best and I do mean best to make the little client feel comfortable and confident.






















Every three or four months ask the doctor to clean those teeth gently with a small brush because as we have mentioned most probably is not done correctly every day. This cleaning is not painful at all and the child will feel even less discomfort whe he/she gets used to the doctor’s procedures and movements.

6 years - quite late for the first visit.

Why is that? A 6 years old who has not been tought well about oral health most probably would have a some issues which need to be resolved.

A tooth decay at 6 years is a frequent occasion because child's hand is not flexible enough to reach the problematic places.

So, the first time when this child sees a dentist will be the experience of lidokain sprey, needle, ijection and, if a dentist needs to go a little bit deeper in the little tooth, pain.

In that case the child will start to fear dentist.

The best way to prevent this and educate right children is to introduce them to dentist as soon as possible.


















Usual children's procedures:

* Treatment of milk teeth
* Removal of milk teeth
* Caries of milk teeth
* Stomatitis in children


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