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How long can you have with a temporary filling?

Why do you have nessesarity of temporary filling? A temporary filling in dentistry is used for diagnostics of the teeth (this is why it is also called diagnostic). For example, often the doctor can not precisely tell, damaged nerve. In this case, the dentist installs the tooth with a temporary filling. In a few days if the patient does not complain of pain, such a seal replace constant. If necessary, the treatment continues. It is also often used by doctors in order to close the medicines, which are placed in the tooth cavity.

With pulpitis.

A temporary filling is put in the treatment of pulpitis. A typical case is when the tooth cavity impose special therapeutic pasta. This drug is used for leaf tissue becoming necrotic pulp, more vessels and nerves contained within it. This manipulation is necessary to further treatment of the tooth passed painlessly. The doctor will be sure that all channels no residue nerves that can become inflamed. Drugs that are used for leaf tissue becoming necrotic pulp, are different. They differ in duration from several days to 2 weeks. At what period the doctor gives the medicine, so it needs to go.

It is very important in such cases to meet the deadlines, because if you don't take the medicine on time, it will begin to act as a poison. If you put a temporary filling that you need to check with your doctor, as you can wear a temporary filling with the medicine, otherwise the drug will begin to destroy the periodontal tissues and hard tissues of the tooth. If during the first visit, the doctor removed the nerve, he can lay in the tooth anti-inflammatory agent. Usually with this drug you need to walk for about a week, after which the doctor will put temporary filling in the channels. But if possible, visit a physician within 7 days no, this time the seal without damage, you can go 2-3 weeks.

In the treatment of periodontitis. Periodontitis treatment is always carried out in several visits to the dentist, so without installing temporary fillings are not enough. The type of medication that doctor puts under the filling depends on the stage of the disease. The doctor may use a drug that will help to stop the inflammatory process. You may also need a drug that is able to restore bone tissue. The doctor will monitor the state of the tissue and to decide when we need to replace. There are times when the dentist places a temporary filling on the already sealed channels. It happens when a specialist is going to set in the tooth pin it or use it to maintain a detachable design. And if the doctor is concerned that the teeth may ache again. With this temporary seal, you can walk quite a long time, but be sure to come to the reception on the appointed day.

Features temporary fillings. Temporary filling allows the dentist to effectively treat many diseases. It perfectly temporary filling the aching tooth, protecting it from infection, and is easily removed if necessary. This temporary filling must be strong enough not to collapse in the process of chewing food. Material temporary fillings: Tightness and reliable fixation of the medication and the cavity of the tooth. Easy installation and removal. The speed of hardening of the filling mass. The material should not cause allergic reactions. Most dentists use a single component filling materials: Water or artificial dentin. Denti paste or oil dentin. Cements. Polymeric materials.

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