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The implantation. What is it?

Implantation in Istanbul.

Of all the methods of prosthesis implantation, which is the installation of the artificial tooth (implant) in place of the lost, is the most effective method. Clinic "Istanbul Asia Dent" doctor Gökay Kartal initially chose implantation of teeth as a priority, because the undeniable advantages of this technology and prospects of development were evident in the period of it's implementation in practice of the Turkish hospitals. Every year, the demand for this service has grown, and many Turkish clinic became urgent to re-qualify to perform prosthetic implant.

At the moment, we are one of the most advanced hospitals in Istanbul in dental implants and continue to raise the level of our services. We actively promote all innovations related to various aspects of our work, but in this case, use only repeatedly proven technology.

What's new in dental implants. Despite the fact that the implantation has already proved its worth, technology, its performance is constantly improving. Our clinic took as the basis for innovative methods of implantation. Over time appeared computational methods for 3D modeling, as well as new modifications of implants that our clinic is introduced. We have equipped our clinic modern equipment of leading world manufacturers, as well equipped separate operating to conduct the most complex surgical procedures. We keep track of all the latest novelties of the implant and work closely with German colleagues and colleagues from Israel, which allows us to improve the quality of our work and offer services of the European level in Istanbul.

Implantation simultaneously or classic. Today's patients are extremely interested in obtaining fast and with guaranteed result, which can provide for rapid implantation. One-stage implant is one of the promising areas of modern implantology, allowing you to immediately resolve the problem with prosthetics. However, to perform this procedure, you need the main condition is the presence of a tooth that should be deleted, so this method cannot be considered as a replacement of the classical scheme. The main scope of our clinic have to perform classical implantation. This multi-step procedure, which includes several procedures: bone bed preparation, implantation of the implant, fixation of the abutment installation of crowns. If there is evidence we performed and the procedure of building bone tissue (sinus lifting), as it is necessary for successful implantation of the implant. The classical scheme has several advantages, allowing you to restore the teeth of any location and extent, and use all types of orthopedic designs.

The cost of dental implants.

This is one of the indicators of the level and quality of our clinic. High competition is forcing many hospitals to reduce prices for implantation, but it happens at the expense of the implants and the introduction of new technologies. Istanbul Asia Dent dental clinic doctor Gökay Kartal chose the perfect balance between adequate price and services of premium level. The implantation can not be cheap, especially if you are using the best German implants come with a lifetime warranty. However, we adhere to the principle that the European dentistry should be available to our patients. In the price list are approximate prices, as the final figures will be announced by the doctor only after a plan of procedure, the choice of dental implants and the material from which will be made permanent crown.

Istanbul Asia Dent dental clinic doctor Gökay Kartal

for guests of Istanbul! Dear guests of Istanbul!

Arriving in our wonderful city to visit historical places, to explore, to see the Bosphorus Strait, give yourself the opportunity to solve all your dental problems! And you will return home refreshed and healthy! Patients from countries near and far abroad who wish to visit

Istanbul Asia Dent dental clinic doctor Gökay Kartal, will be provided with high quality services for booking of air tickets and hotel rooms, transfers from the airport and back.

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