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Brush your teeth properly!

Why do you should brush your teeth?

The oral cavity is the most infectious cavity of the human body, lack of care which can lead to sad consequences. Food debris under the influence of bacteria will be subject to decay, putrefaction and fermentation. In addition, soft plaque will allocate acid that destroys the enamel, causing decay. All of this harms not only the teeth, but can also cause disease of the internal organs, reduce the protective ability of the body and cause unpleasant mouth odor.

Whether you need to brush your teeth? To solve it, of course, only you.

How to brush teeth?

Herself brushing should last at least 3 minutes; Keep the brush should be angled 45 degrees relative to the teeth and gums; So as not to spread germs throughout the oral cavity, the procedure is recommended to be divided into two parts: first, clean the lower tooth row, and then the top; Start with the front teeth, gradually moving toward the rear; The lower teeth bottom-up and top - down; The chewing surface of the teeth is processed in a circular motion; After rinsing your mouth remember to brush your tongue, which also accumulates enough germs. Remember that the tongue coated bloom, which is the same breeding ground for germs, and deposits on the teeth; At the end of the procedure it is recommended to use a mouthwash for mouth. Brush teeth twice a day: after Breakfast and dinner - it's a classic of oral hygiene. The habit of spending hygiene procedures before a morning meal not uncommon. Many people are accustomed to in the morning to brush your teeth before eating. But you need to do after Breakfast. Evening cleaning is carried out to finish the meal or last meal. Ideally, you should brush your teeth after each meal, but not always, there are opportunities for that.

You can use - mouth-rinsing or chewing gum for 10 minutes but no longer!

No matter how carefully and regularly we brushed your teeth, still this is not enough. Once in six months or a year, you must visit the office of the hygienist, where with the help of ultrasound and sand blasters type Air Flow teeth are General processing, and the owner finds a confident and beautiful smile!

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