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Why Should Missing Teeth be Replaced?

Replacing missing teeth can make important improvements and promote maintenance of he shape of one’s face, smile, and self-esteem.

Teeth nurture the surrounding bone with each bite by stimulating bone cells to continue normal function. When a tooth is lost, the adjacent bone is no longer adequately stimulated, often causing the bone to shrink unattractively and compromise future dental implant placement.

Having a dental implant can keep jawbone cells intact by helping prevent bone loss. The potential problem of bone loss is especially important in the front of the mouth (the aesthetic zone).

How soon should missing teeth be replaced?

Teeth should be replaced as soon as they are lost. Certain types of dental bone grafting procedures resulting in a “tooth socket preservation” help retain the most bone, which might otherwise dissolve to some extent following an untreated tooth extraction.

Dental implants need to be placed soon after jawbone grafting to facilitate the most ideal aesthetic and functional result.

İmplants&Zirconium Veneers
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