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While veneer and zircon crowns became popular there are still people who do not want such a radical change because makeover is not their cup of tea. They still want snow white teeth with Hollywood smile so without any search go to the first dentist office saying that they want whitening or bleaching.

Our full respect to those dentist whose blood pressure stays calm talking to these people.

Even a simple application like whitening wants information. Although it seems simple but first of all it is not that simple. Secondly cannot be done to everyone as for whitening acid would be used and some people simply cannot take acidly products or, even worse, allergic to them. A good candidate for whitening has an excellent oral health. With other dental problems whitening wouldn't work and the acid can cause pain around the decay.

A few years ago couple of places opened up for trading reasons. These offices specialized only for bleacing and whitening using different methods from natural materials to the strongest kinds of acid. Fortunately this wave passed quickly and none of them last more than two years.

Whitening became again what it was: part of a dentists’ job and by the way is not really favorized by them eighter.

When someone really want a professional whitening that lasts and look beautiful we suggest to go for aesthetic composite. Normally after the explanation there is no question for our client that aesthetic composite he/she was actually looking for.

Whitening is made with a strong acid that can be harmful to sensitive enamel. That is why a real doctor first shows alternative to whitening. The result is important for the client not really the procedure itself. Aesthetic composite can give even a better result to our client than whitening without any harm.

When somebody come for whitening we always try to show  another option but if still stuck on the idea of whitening then we apply the special gel very carefully. These kind of whitening products contain one of two tooth bleaches (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). These bleaches break stains into smaller pieces, which makes the color less concentrated and your teeth brighter.

Different colors react differently. Yellow teeth might react very well and the result will be great. Brown teeth for example wouldn’t react as well as the yellow tones and gray might not react at all. Whitening will not work on fillings.

With porselen veneer and zircon crowns you will never ever need whitening procedure.

Whitening prosedure is a quite short action and everybody needs to remember that whitening does not last forever. After whitening prosedure hard colour foods need to be avoided as much as possible not to mention cigarettes.

Because of the acid effect after the procedure a slight tooth sensitive can show up so consult your dentist about the side effect of whitening.

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