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Pulpitis is what?

Pulpitis is an inflammation of the tooth pulp, which is conventionally called the nerve. In practice, a dental therapist, patients who have been diagnosed with dental pulpitis, take 14 to 20 % and more. It is every fifth person. In the pulp becomes inflamed, provoked penetrated there infection. Caries, damage during surgery on the periodontium, the chemical type of phosphoric acid, the temperature drops and stuff can be considered as the cause of infection of the tooth and the emergence of pulpitis. In the initial stages of pulpitis disease manifests itself as a painful reaction of the teeth on the temperature and other stimuli. Acute paroxysmal pain - signs already progressing pulpitis. Sometimes, it is even difficult to determine what specific tooth to cause pain, because pain can spread to the jaw. To determine the pulpit also help external symptoms: grayed enamel, bleeding and overgrowth of tissues in the open carious emptiness of the tooth.

Diagnosis of pulpitis. Medical malpractice in the diagnosis of pulpitis can lead to sad consequences, so the doctor is of utmost importance for the correct diagnosis. Why dentists are wrong? The root cause is a superficial analysis of the history of the disease. Throbbing strong toothache, which indicates the pulpit, some patients may be absent or to have individual character. Therefore, for successful diagnosis is identification of the reasons of its occurrence, determining the frequency and intensity of attacks. Not every expert is ready to conduct such a thorough examination, preferring to define the pulpit, just by making an x-ray. Meanwhile, the pulp inflammation progresses to a more serious condition called periodontitis, in which inflammation of the pulp goes to the root apex of the tooth. In clinics that values its reputation, doctors suspected pulpitis use differential diagnosis. Its essence is that to determine the form of the disease and the subsequent choice of method of treatment takes into account not only the data of x-ray examination, but the information obtained by visual inspection. There are also stories of the patient about how long he feels pain when pulpitis and what it character - stabbing, cutting or pulling. Thus, the differential diagnosis of pulpitis helps the dentist to determine exactly what form of the disease in question.

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